Allows easy, one-hand opening easy snap


Easysnap® potential

  • A slim card size design for use anytime and anywhere
  • Allows easy, one-hand opening
  • Universal design
  • Always the same amount: no need to measure each time

Home: high-end beauty serum

Dispensing Easysnap® with a daily portion to ensure efficient use.Packages can be delivered in a luxurious box

Beauty salon: haircare products

Easysnap® ensures product freshness for customer satisfaction.

Store/door-to-door sales: product samples

Set Easysnap® in a beautiful holder mount to add a touch of elegance.

Trip: travel items

The card-size Easysnap® nicely fits in a makeup pouch.

Bathroom: bath water additive

Easysnap® can be opened with a single hand without slipping

Cash register: hand sterilizer

Display Easysnap® near cash registers to promote last-minute purchases.

Outdoor: sunscreens and insect repellents

Easysnap® is easy to use and can be used whenever desired.

Hotel: amenities

Easysnap® keeps each product clean, providing guests peace of mind.

Easysnap filling volume and accuracy by package size

Sサイズ Mサイズ Lサイズ
  S size M size L size
size 40mm×50mm 50mm×75mm 60mm×100mm
content 0.3~1.2ml 2.0~4.2ml 4.0~10.0ml
precision ±10% ±10% ±5%

*Volume and filling accuracy are estimates. Actual values vary with the viscosity and specific gravity of the product.

*Values shown above are for carbomer gel with a viscosity of 8,000 mPa-s and specific gravity of 1.007.

Product commercialization process (in case of Japan market)

From manufacturing and packaging of products at licensed cosmetics/quasi-pharmaceutical product factories to delivery to you, we will coordinate the entire process for you.

1:Film test

We will conduct a film strength and moisture scattering rate test (300 hours at 50ºC). Please provide us with about 500 mL of the subject product. (Free testing)

2:Machine filling test

Upon request, we will conduct a filling test using the actual filler. We will produce up to 500 filled packages. (Fee required)

3:Preservation test

Upon request, we will conduct a preservation test under conditions specified based on your product life test knowledge.

4:Entering into an agreement

If your cosmetics/quasi-pharmaceutical product is governed by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, you will enter into an agreement with our manufacturing partner.

5:Package preparation

We will prepare materials including films and packages.


Our manufacturing partner will carry out the filling process.

7:Set up

Our manufacturing partner will also carry out the product setup.


We will deliver the filled packages to you.

We can also help you with manufacturing cosmetics within Japan and exporting products.

Filling plant

Location: Saitama Prefecture
Manufacturing license numbers: 11DZ200044 (quasi-pharmaceutical products) and 11CZ200083 (cosmetics products)
Cleanliness level: Class 100,000 (HEPA filters on ventilation systems)
Maximum output: small: 150 packages/min; medium: 125 packages/min; large: 110 packages/min


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